How to register


It is still possible to register! However, during summer, registration has to be done by e-mail and e-transfer.

Follow these 6 easy steps : 

1)    Download and print the flyer

2)    Choose the level :

For AA/AAA groups, we will place the camper at the the best of our knowledge in one of our 9 to 12 different AA/AAA groups, according to their sex, age and level. The groups will be tested and adjusted if necessary on Sunday night

For the Excellence group, please join the invitation letter or a copy of the E-mail from us, accepting the registration at that level. See page Info pour les meilleurs joueurs(ses) de 3e et 4e secondaire for more information on that group.

3)     Choose the formula

  1. Day camp without meals. The camper brings his or her meals. 459 $
  2. Day camp with lunch. 509 $
  3. Day camp with lunch and dinner (Excellence group). 559 $
  4. Camp with all meals and residence. 599 $
  •  These prices don’t include taxes.  
  •  These prices include non-refundable registration fees of 150$.

4)     Fill out all other fields of the flyer. THE SIGNATURE IS MANDATORY. 

5)      1st option : Registration by mail 

During summer, registration by mail is not available. Please use the 2nd option. If there is any problem, please contact us : 514-606-0978

2nd option : Registration electronically

Send the flyer filled out, signed and scanned by e-mail to :

We will then send you a bill and the information to do an electronic transfer.

6)  Once we receive the flyer and the payement, we will send you a confirmation by E-mail. 

RULES : Camp Estival d’excellence reserves the right to send a child home in the event of major misconduct (bullying, drug or alcohol use, violence, etc.) or the accumulation of consistent disregard for the Camp Estival d’Excellence’s code of conduct. In this case, the parents or guardians are responsible to pick up the child as soon as possible. The camp then retains the full amount of living expenses. There will be no refund in case of voluntary departure or of injury/illness occurring during the camp. I accept and understand the politique de remboursement.

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